Details of my various arrangements for percussion, including solo pieces, duos, quartets and ensembles.


Clair De Lune - for solo vibraphone

Debussy's piano piece Clair de Lune, arranged for solo vibraphone by Nick Baron. (This arrangement can be heard in recordings.) The arrangement is fairly difficult; for four mallets, for standard range vibraphone (3-octave F-F), suitable for advanced/college standard percussionists. This sheet music is in digital form, as .tif (image) files. Please ensure that you can open this file type before you buy.

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A performance of 'Clair de Lune' by a customer in the USA on Youtube


Anitra's Dance - for marimba quartet with optional triangle

Grieg's orchestral piece Anitra's Dance, from Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, arranged for percussion ensemble (marimba quartet and triangle) by Nick Baron. (This arrangement can be heard in recordings.) Two of the marimba parts can be substituted for xylophone and vibraphone and this is marked on the score. Suitable for intermediate percussion ensemble (aged 15+), and also mixed ability (marimba 4 and triangle are fairly simple). Players 2 and 3 must use 4-mallet technique. 

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J. S. Bach; Siciliana - for marimba duo

J. S. Bach's 'Siciliana', originally for solo violin, arranged for two marimbas. This graceful piece is a medium-standard arrangement that would suit a marimba duo performance at senior school or college level. 4.1/3 octave marimbas required, and both parts need 4-mallet technique (although part 2 is simpler than part 1).

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The Flower Duet - for marimba duo

This operatic aria from 'Lakme' is one of the most instantly recognisable and well-loved pieces of classical music ever written. Its lilting elegance lends itself to the warm, soothing tone of the marimba in this duo arrangement. Both marimba players require 4-mallet technique and 4.1/3 octave marimbas. 

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Unpublished arrangements include the Marimba Weddings repertoire for marimba duo; Mozart Rondo a la Turca, Clarke Prince Of Denmark March, Mendelssohn Wedding March and more. Contact me for more information. In addition, I have arranged Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven for boomwhacker quartet. This has been performed by the RWCMD Percussion Ensemble and recorded (recordings), but as this is under copyright by its creators it cannot be published or sold by me, so it appears here just for fun.

Greater Gwent Senior Percussion Ensemble performing 'Stairway to Heaven' on boomwhackers


In addition to arrangements, my work also includes research...

The Secret History of the Triangle

My ten thousand word undergraduate dissertation on the history of the triangle. I found a rich history stretching back to Ancient Egypt, involving mythology, ritual, gods, war, Romans, Turks, Mozart, Beethoven, controversy, jangling rings, and unappreciated variety of performance practice. None of my findings had previously been organised into one concise work on the first solely metal instrument of the orchestra. If you are a percussion student interested in studying the triangle in depth, please contact me to obtain the document and accompanying audio illustrations (