Fiesta Resistànce

Current sound clip is medley from Live at Gwdihw 3/9/10.

We are Fiesta Resistànce; the newest live salsa band in South Wales! We are guaranteed to bring your fiesta to life, be it private function, work or society party, wedding or birthday. 




If you are salsa dancers and you are interested in hiring us to play for a class or social event, please get in touch with any specific requirements, for example regarding repertoire or tempos. Our music is drawn from salsa, son, and the occasional Latin cover of classic pop. Email




Our basic lineup is piano, bass, trumpet, lead singer and myself on percussion (left foot clavé, left hand congas/cymbal, right foot cowbell, right hand hi-hat/contra-cowbell/timbale!). We can add a second trumpet for fuller horn-section sound, and also second percussionist for a bigger groove. This depends on the size and type of gig.